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What Is The Law Of Attraction

You may have heard people refer to something known as the Law of Attraction (LOA). Maybe you think it’s reserved for those who are on the dating scene. Another possibility is it’s a physics term dealing with particles and how they attract (or repel) each other, etc. The truth is it is something more fundamental than both of these.

LOA is a term that describes what many refer to as like attracts like. The idea is what you put out into the universe you can expect to get out of it. Others will use the phrase, “what goes around comes around.”

This is a primary reason why negative people are not happy, all things being equal. They put on negative vibes out into the universe, and they get them back. These negative characteristics often leave them wondering why they never get anywhere in life. They complain about everything. At work, they make life difficult for everyone they work with. At home, they are never happy with anything that their family does. They just keep giving the negative energy which continues to come back to haunt them.

Contrast this with positive people and you will see quite a difference. The positive people always seem to have things go their way. If something doesn’t work out, they don’t complain about it. They simply look for a better way. They make great team players. If they aren’t currently the leader of their team, they will be soon enough.

If you are in doubt about whether LOA works, consider this: what do you have to lose? You give it a try, and it doesn’t seem to pan out the way you had hoped. However, don’t just try it once and throw in the towel. It’s more of a transformative process. You need to continue it until you see results.

Observe others who seem to have things come easily to them. Notice if they are positive or negative. Also, are they always willing to help others out? The likelihood is they have positive attitudes, and they are helping whenever possible. They also hold a strong belief in LOA and could be the central reason why they are having a seemingly simple life, where everything is going their way.

Avid believers in LOA will treat it with an almost cult-like entity. They will try as hard as they can to instill the principles in others so that everyone can share in the benefits it gives.