Refund Policy

We at believe in shooting straight. So please read this refunds policy carefully . . . .

Because of the digital nature of these courses and course material we do not offer refunds except in rare instances, and solely at our discretion.

Please continue reading to understand why we have to have a default “no-refunds” rule in place, and then to learn about possible exceptions to that rule.

Why A Default “No Refunds” Rule?

We work hard to make sure that our course and content offerings are of exceptionally high value relative to price. We want you to love your courses and related products! And we’re confident you will, or we wouldn’t be offering them.

We have found that a “no refunds” policy makes sure we can keep quality high, your cost low, and protect the hard work of course creators by deterring content theft and/or piracy.

“But I didn’t receive my login/invoice/etc. Email!”

On rare occasion a registration or invoice email may be delayed in the internet ethers, or for some other reason simply doesn’t reach in your inbox. If this should happen to you, please don’t panic! We’ll make sure you get access to your courses and course material.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Check your Spam folder. It might be there.
  2. If nothing is there, Contact Support.
    We will respond as quickly as possible and help you access your course(s) and other content.

Technical Issues

If the reason you want a refund is anything technical such as with problems downloading or otherwise accessing your course materials, we ask that you please Contact Support before requesting a refund. Most technical issues can be resolved quickly and easily. We really want you to enjoy and benefit from the life-changing courses you purchased so we’ll work hard to make it work for you!


If you still believe you are entitled to refund, please Contact Support explaining the problem or reason for requesting a refund.

We believe there are exceptions to every rule, so we promise to seriously consider the merits of your request.

Just be advised that the following are not considered valid reasons for a refund:

  • Course/Content didn’t meet your expectations
  • You changed your mind
  • You bought the courses by mistake
  • You didn’t authorize the charge (You should contact your bank immediately if this is the case!)
  • You can’t access the item (and haven’t emailed support for help)

Refund Process

If we do authorize a refund, we may ask you a few parting questions to see how we can improve in the future.

We try to process refunds quickly, but they can take up to four weeks in some instances.

Contact Support for questions related to refunds and returns.