Boost! Becoming More Creative


This course includes:

  • 10 video lessons with accompanying text so you can read along.
  • 10 video articles with accompanying text to help you go deeper in understanding and applying the course concepts.
  • Bonus audio and text lesson: 12 Traits To Become More Creative.
  • Bonus Mini-course: The Idea Formula.
  • 10 bonus articles to expand on the concepts you learn in The Idea Formula.

Bonus Downloads!

  • Boost! Becoming More Creative Ebook.
  • Boost! Becoming More Creative  Workbook.
  • Boost! Becoming More Creative Audiobook.
  • Articles in audiobook format (mp3).
  • The Idea Formula Ebook.
  • 12 Traits to Become More Creative Mini-Ebook.
  • 12 Traits To Become More Creative Audio.
  • Quick reference Checklist of key concepts.
  • Maximizing Creativity Quick Tips List (with resources).
  • 20 Creativity Tips Infographic.




Break through blocks and unleash your creativity.


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